Choosing the right supplements

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Choosing the right supplements

Before beginning a supplement regimen I like to search for information on it in order to determine the correct one for me. I look for blogs or articles that are written by nutritionists, naturopaths or other specific practitioners, and those who aren’t selling anything. I feel these are more likely to give me the unbiased and educated information.

Here’s something you might find surprising. Calcium and Magnesium are often paired in supplements. According to several practitioners, the two compete for the same things. If you take them together they pretty much negate each other. If you want to take both, it works better to purchase separate supplements and take them at different times. There are several forms of each as well, some of which are absorbed more readily or are more potent, and more appropriate for the specific purpose you’re taking them.

I’ve never had a practitioner tell me this when he or she recommended taking these supplements. There is some good information out there on the web!



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