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Find Your Meaning

Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions with no specific plan? Does your life lack meaning? Maybe you have a dream that never seems to be realized and you have no idea how to achieve. Do you have difficulty saying “No” and find yourself over-committed and not having any time for yourself? Maybe your children just left the nest or you just retired and you find yourself lost. Are your relationships more of a challenge than you think they should be? Life Coaching can help.

A Life Coach helps you begin a path of self-discovery and guides you along that path toward the realization of the life you really want to live. She helps you become aware of obstacles to your happiness and learn how to overcome them. She helps you develop realistic goals and implement changes in order to fulfill these goals. Life coaching helps you to become more aware of the thoughts that are limiting your behaviors and the outcomes you desire and affecting others in less than optimal ways.

Coaching is about challenging the status quo in your life, determining what needs to change and implementing those changes. It doesn’t focus on the past or what doesn’t work, but the present and future and what does. It’s not about complaining or blaming, but increasing awareness, taking ownership and acting upon new realizations. A good coach doesn’t have all the answers, but helps you to find your own and use them to go to the next level. If you have a sense that you can experience so much more joy in your life, but don’t know how to make it happen, Life Coaching may be for you. It can help you overcome unhealthy habits, make positive changes, reach greater heights, increase creativity, think out of the box.

While a lot can happen in an hour session, a commitment to several sessions is recommended if your goal is significant change and a new way of approaching life. If you’ve found this site, you’re likely ready for a new direction, a new life view, an empowered and redefined or refocused you.

I offer a free phone consultation to allow us to chat and determine whether or not we’re a good fit. Just fill out the information on the contact page and I’ll contact you, or you can call or text me directly.

I Can Help You With…

Lack of Direction

Life is less than satisfying and you want to make a specific change but don’t know where to begin. You feel lost, like you’re drifting with no particular purpose. Your job or career is not satisfying and you don’t know what you want to do or how to go about making a change.


You’re scattered and feel immobilized not only by life, but by your inability to make decisions or make plans and carry them out. You keep yourself so busy you don’t check in with yourself you’re just not sure you really know who you are or what makes you tick. You have too many goals, or none, and want to create a plan. You want to have more self-awareness and become the person you wish to be.


You know you want your life to take a new direction but you don’t know what you like or where you want to head. You want to be more creative and effective in your work or activities. You want to find and embrace your inner artist but feel blocked or that you’re not ‘artistic’. You just want to discover more about who you are and what you’re capable of and discover your passion.


You’re in a new job or location and want to better connect with those around you or develop strategies for embracing the change. Your children have left you with an ‘empty nest’ and you want help redefining yourself and planning your next life phase as you, an individual not just you, a parent. You’ve recently retired and don’t know what to do with your time or you feel a lack of meaning or value. You’ve gone through a divorce and want to re-energize your life and make sure you are ready to attract the right person next time.


You recognize patterns in how you relate, or in the people you attract, and want to make a change. You don’t feel like you’re “yourself” with others and want to be more genuine without fear. Others have told you that you have an issue that’s limiting you but you don’t see it or know how to get past it. You feel an unhealthy need to control your surroundings—and your relationships. You just don’t know why your relationships are so much work and unsatisfying.