The Power of Intention II

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The Power of Intention II

You’re probably aware of and maybe read or watched “The Secret”, a book and movie about manifesting the life you want to live. This is all based upon the use of your intention to urge the universe to create that which you desire. Your intention can be likened to your energy or thoughts. What you send out creates results according to its content. If your intention is to create wealth, and you couple that with belief, and of course are willing to work toward that goal, you will increase wealth. If you wish to heal yourself of an ailment and have the intention to do so, and believe it to be so, you will heal. If you want to help someone and put forth that intention and trust in the process, you will be helpful.

Sometimes we don’t recognize when we receive our wishes, as they can be a bit disguised or show up a bit later than anticipated, but if you look with an open mind you’ll probably find the result you sought. Sometimes we’re not quite specific enough in our intention, or don’t realize how many ways it can come to fruition, or we realize what we’ve thought was the desired result wasn’t in our or others’ best interest and the outcome is different, but better than envisioned. The key is in being specific with your intention and having faith, then opening yourself to the possibilities of what that result will be. Any negative thoughts or fears, lack of trust, will give energy to not reaching your goal, as they create a new intention of lack or failure. What you resist (or fear) persists, and what you focus upon becomes your reality.



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