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Wellness Coaching For the Lifestyle YOU Deserve

Are you so stressed that you rarely find yourself smiling anymore, or are always exhausted and can’t fit everything in? Perhaps you have a very difficult time letting go and relaxing and find yourself in a constant state of tension; maybe this leads to chronic headaches or neck or back pain or other physical issues. Do you have a sense that you could be much healthier but don’t know how to begin to shift your lifestyle? Do you lack inspiration or wish creativity played more of a part in your life?

 Move towards a healthy lifestyle

Develop pain management tools

Release what doesn’t serve you

Prioritize your life

Learning relaxation techniques and developing a practice of Mindfulness can help you reach a place of balance. Physical discomfort and tension can often be alleviated through shifts in thoughts and adherence to more mind- and body-friendly practices. Energetic techniques can further help to reduce physical pain. Developing a lifestyle of gratitude and joy can help you to overcome even the seemingly most challenging situations.

I offer a holistic approach to wellness coaching. My education and experience allow me to assist you with physical considerations…postural alignment, exercise, nutrition, body mechanics and ergonomics; emotional components…ineffective and limiting thoughts, habits and patterns, relationship dynamics, self-awareness and redefining self; energetic and spiritual focus…addressing the energy centers through CranioSacral Therapy and Chakra balancing, reconnecting mind and body, tapping into Universal Energy and Divine guidance.