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    peaceful, joyful you.

We all have the innate ability to deal with what comes and be the best we can be.
Sometimes we just need a little inspiration and guidance to reconnect with our inner resources.

I’m glad you found me. Let’s see how I can help.


Do you hear often that you’re ‘too sensitive’ or ‘over-reactive’, or feel like you’re just different and no one understands you?

Maybe you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, or like your life is out of balance?

Do you experience your emotions so intensely you don’t know what to do with them and want to escape sometimes?

Perhaps you know that there’s more to life, but you just can’t see how to achieve it.

Or maybe you struggle with feeling unworthy and wish you could find love and compassion for yourself.


I get it. I’ve been there. And I’m here to help.         Contact Me

From A.H., Bend, Oregon.

“I wanted to let you know how important our session was yesterday.  There were a few true ‘aha’ moments for me and last night (my husband and I had great connection)…all of this is so healthy and very new.”


Stress indicators are showing an all time high in our country. If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) you likely have extra challenges coping with our fast-paced, chaotic world and the current humanitarian and ecological crises. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by life, and if you feel like you’re misunderstood it can be challenging to reach out for and accept support.

I’m here to help you navigate the challenges of life with less stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and achieve balance energetically, emotionally and physically. Being an HSP myself, I’m particularly adept at helping other HSPs to turn their sensitivities into strengths, and to help non-HSPs through my heightened empathy and awareness. It is absolutely possible to manage and reduce stress or pain, increase self-awareness, regain healthy functioning, and balance your emotions. You can strengthen your relationship with others and, first and foremost, with yourself.

Each person is different; I help you create your own personal lifescape…a unique vision and plan that leads you toward greater health, peace and joy, that help you access your highest self. Whether through Addressing Unhelpful Thoughts, Stress Management and Mindfulness, Energy Healing or EFT/Tapping, or a combination of these, I can provide that extra boost toward wellness, peace and joy.

You can call, text or email for a complimentary phone consultation to see if we’re a good fit. Namaste.

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