What Moves You?

Highly Sensitive Person/HSP

What Moves You?


What Moves You? What moves you…really energizes, motivates and inspires you? How often are these things included in your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly life? Some things, like travel, can’t be included every day, but those like listening to resonating music can. It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in daily activities and not make time for taking care...[ read more ]



Mindset What is the difference between the terms ‘victim’ and ‘survivor’?  ~ One feels very yucky, scary, dank and unfair. It leaves us in a weak, ineffective place of powerlessness. Other feelings that may arise from it include hopelessness, unworthiness, despair, anger, hatred. ~The other feels more uplifting, bold and inspiring. It can lead to a place of recognizing personal...[ read more ]

What Are Your Priorities?

self love

What Are Your Priorities? Here’s a little quiz…name your top 5 priorities for today. Go ahead…jot them down, without reading ahead. Now, how many of those 5 are personal, related to you, FOR you? Did you include meditation or yoga or exercise? How about down time for reading or relaxing in a bath? Doing something fun or rewarding? Time in...[ read more ]

How Do We Choose Our Friends?


How Do We Choose our Friends? (As Highly Sensitive People) As highly sensitive people, choosing friends can have some challenges. On the surface it seems like it should be easy, having a lot of compassion and enjoying deep connection. So what makes it challenging? Because of the level of compassion we feel, and the fact that usually we don’t like...[ read more ]



Boundaries What is a boundary? “…a border and it can be physical, such as a fence between two properties, or abstract, such as a moral boundary that society decides it is wrong to cross.”  (vocabulary . com) …”a psychological demarcation that protects the integrity of an individual or group or that helps the person or group set realistic limits on participation...[ read more ]

Self Care Tips for Dealing with Sensitivities

Self Care Tips for Sensitivities If you’re Highly Sensitive, you’ve experienced some reactivity to things in the environment, whether related to sound, touch, sight, smell, even taste. You’ve likely also felt challenged by others’ feelings, cultural and world events, even your own emotions. Sensory Processing Sensitivity, the official term for high sensitivity, describes this…we are especially sensitive in our processing...[ read more ]

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect I spent a lot of my life adhering to a perfectionistic streak. Ok, more than a streak...I felt like I had to be perfect at all times to be ok. That was exhausting and led to self doubt and lack of trust in myself, and so much stress and anxiety. In my senior year of High School I...[ read more ]

How to Share Sensitivities with Others

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How to Share Sensitivities with Others Highly Sensitives often grow up learning to hide or minimize their feelings. We get tired of hearing that we’re ‘too’ this or ‘not enough’ that or that we need to just relax and let things go. As we enter adulthood this has become such a habit it can be challenging to shift. As a...[ read more ]

Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive

notice the little things

Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive There are many challenges for an HSP. They could include noise, chaos, inhumane and/or violent behavior, our own and others’ feelings, strong smells and many others. Thankfully, there are many BENEFITS of being Highly Sensitive! Let’s look at some of the good things.   1. We notice the little things  According to Elaine Aron, researcher...[ read more ]

A Personal Silent Retreat : My Takeaways

personal silent retreat

A Personal Silent Retreat : My Takeaways Have you ever waited a really long time to try something (maybe even decades)…massage, a facial, skydiving, could be anything, then wish you’d tried it years ago? I’ve certainly heard about silent retreats, and know many who travel sometimes great distances to participate in them and swear by them. I’ve just never attended...[ read more ]