Positive Thinking



Mindset What is the difference between the terms ‘victim’ and ‘survivor’?  ~ One feels very yucky, scary, dank and unfair. It leaves us in a weak, ineffective place of powerlessness. Other feelings that may arise from it include hopelessness, unworthiness, despair, anger, hatred. ~The other feels more uplifting, bold and inspiring. It can lead to a place of recognizing personal...[ read more ]

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect I spent a lot of my life adhering to a perfectionistic streak. Ok, more than a streak...I felt like I had to be perfect at all times to be ok. That was exhausting and led to self doubt and lack of trust in myself, and so much stress and anxiety. In my senior year of High School I...[ read more ]

Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive

notice the little things

Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive There are many challenges for an HSP. They could include noise, chaos, inhumane and/or violent behavior, our own and others’ feelings, strong smells and many others. Thankfully, there are many BENEFITS of being Highly Sensitive! Let’s look at some of the good things.   1. We notice the little things  According to Elaine Aron, researcher...[ read more ]

8 Tips for Successful New Year’s Resolutions

new year's resolutions

8 Tips for Successful New Year's Resolutions   Are you going to make any resolutions this year? According to a study cited by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 46% of people making resolutions were successful at changing behavior, vs. just 4% of those who didn’t. Many people make resolutions at the New Year, do great for a few weeks or...[ read more ]

Silver Lining: 6 Ways of Seeing the Best in a Challenging Situation

silver lining

Silver Lining: 6 Ways of Seeing the Best in a Challenging Situation   I posted this blog many weeks ago, but when I transferred my website to a new platform, it was lost in conversion. The links on my Facebook pages now send the post to an error page...sorry about that. Although we’ve been dealing with this pandemic situation for...[ read more ]

Enjoy every moment

Enjoy every moment

You’ve likely heard of people at the end of life saying they wished they’d done something differently, put more value on certain things, lived life more fully. Why does it take something like a life threatening illness or impending death to create this shift? What if we looked at life in this way all of the time? It’s easy to...[ read more ]

Grateful as a Way of Life


Grateful as a Way of Life Last night as I finished paying for my groceries I noticed the little donation tags for a local food program. I grabbed one and paid for it on my way out, and noticed just how warm I felt afterward…I smiled all the way to the car. It always feels good to know I’m making...[ read more ]


serene landscape

Gratitude Gratitude. I’ve written about it before, as have many others, but it’s important enough to warrant repetition. It’s key to creating a fulfilling, joyous life. I try daily to offer thanks to the Universe for abundance in my life…a roof over my head and warmth within, plenty of food, family and friends, health, security and opportunity. I really try...[ read more ]

Walk Your Talk

Walk Your Talk I’ve noticed that the times when I feel most genuine and true to myself, and therefore most at peace, are when I walk my talk. By that I mean when I make the effort to follow through with a plan, follow my own advice or recommendations or make the extra effort to support something I believe in...[ read more ]

Things happy people do

Things happy people do Do you know someone who just always seems to be happy, no matter what is going on around them? I’m sure you do. Long ago I used to look at such people and think, “Oh come on, no one is that happy.” The reality is, there are things that happy people do that keep them being...[ read more ]