Enjoy every moment


Enjoy every moment

Enjoy every moment

You’ve likely heard of people at the end of life saying they wished they’d done something differently, put more value on certain things, lived life more fully. Why does it take something like a life threatening illness or impending death to create this shift? What if we looked at life in this way all of the time? It’s easy to...[ read more ]

Grateful as a Way of Life


Grateful as a Way of Life Last night as I finished paying for my groceries I noticed the little donation tags for a local food program. I grabbed one and paid for it on my way out, and noticed just how warm I felt afterward…I smiled all the way to the car. It always feels good to know I’m making...[ read more ]

Dance For Your Life…No Really!

dance for your life

Dance For Your Life! I wrote last about finding your passion, and soon will add an entry about following that passion. Before I do so, however, I wanted to write about one of my own passions…dance. You may have heard the phrase, “Dance like no one is watching.” I like the adage, “Dance for your life.” Why do I dance?...[ read more ]

Passion 101: Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion   This idea, finding your passion, may seem trite or trendy or even simplistic; who doesn’t know what their passions are? Well, surprisingly there are many who really have no idea, or are not in touch with them. Many live lackluster lives, going through the motions and not connecting with much meaning other than in relationships, and...[ read more ]

10 Ways Nature Heals and Nurtures

beautiful creek through forest shows how nature heals and nurtures

10 Ways Nature Heals and Nurtures They say time heals all wounds, but for me and many others, nothing heals and nurtures like Nature. When was the last time you spent an hour or two, or a day, just being in the forest or at a river, with no distractions? There’s quite a bit of research being presented these days...[ read more ]


serene landscape

Gratitude Gratitude. I’ve written about it before, as have many others, but it’s important enough to warrant repetition. It’s key to creating a fulfilling, joyous life. I try daily to offer thanks to the Universe for abundance in my life…a roof over my head and warmth within, plenty of food, family and friends, health, security and opportunity. I really try...[ read more ]

Walk Your Talk

Walk Your Talk I’ve noticed that the times when I feel most genuine and true to myself, and therefore most at peace, are when I walk my talk. By that I mean when I make the effort to follow through with a plan, follow my own advice or recommendations or make the extra effort to support something I believe in...[ read more ]

New Years Resolutions

lifescape wellness trees

New Years Resolutions   A new year begins. Did you make any new years resolutions? I heard of one from a stranger at the checkout counter today. His resolution is to be healthier; he was buying a pair of dumbbells. This fits in perfectly with the topic I’ve been wanting to write about this week. Every year millions of people...[ read more ]

Things happy people do

Things happy people do Do you know someone who just always seems to be happy, no matter what is going on around them? I’m sure you do. Long ago I used to look at such people and think, “Oh come on, no one is that happy.” The reality is, there are things that happy people do that keep them being...[ read more ]

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude When I find myself struggling in some way, whether having difficulty accepting a current situation, having a day that just doesn’t seem to be going my way, or experiencing stress, I feel better immediately when I stop for a moment to identify a few things for which I’m grateful. Having an attitude of gratitude goes a long...[ read more ]