EFT / Tapping

EFT / Tapping

“Step one of achieving inner peace is the willingness to be present in the right here, right now.”
– Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD

EFT / Tapping

EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an easy, non-invasive technique for addressing nearly any issue. It can help with pain, unwanted habits or addictions, trauma, persistent emotional issues, health issues or difficulty holding a job. Often referred to as Tapping, it uses light self-tapping (or massaging or holding) of various energy points, similar to acupuncture without the needles. These points are tapped while identifying the issues and related thoughts and feelings.

EFT arose from the understanding that all issues…physical or emotional, arise as a result of blockages in the energy system. Once freed up, the energy moves as intended and issues resolve. It can seem too simple or easy to be true, yet it is very powerful and effective.

You can find online many videos of explanation and how-to’s for the technique, and you can do a lot of tapping on your own at home, so why seek out a practitioner to guide you? There are several reasons.

  • A trained practitioner not only keeps you focused and committed, but can help you recognized things you may not on your own.
  • You may obtain resolution for an issue fairly well on your own, but unless deeper issues are addressed that are likely the source of the difficulties, it’s possible that the issue will eventually resurface.
  • Because deeper themes, referred to as core issues, can become apparent, if you’re not prepared it may be unsettling. A practitioner knows specific ways of shifting the session to avoid intense emotions or re-traumatizing, and to keep you on track and feeling safe and controlled.
  • A practitioner can help you make connections among issues you may not realize are related, and once the primary one is released, others can “collapse” like a domino effect, getting so much more out of your time and effort.

Fast Results, Easily Accessible

Many people find that compared with spending months or years in counseling, EFT can have results in only a matter of a few sessions; usually people find significant shifts in just one session, and sometimes complete resolution of some issues. Because you as the client do your own tapping, with me as guide, sessions can be done easily online, minimizing travel time to an office, or allowing for sessions while you travel or if you live outside of the Bend or Sunriver area.

Because all issues have at the core some underlying emotional/energetic issue, a commitment to a few or several sessions is recommended for creating lasting change and improving your life significantly. I can offer suggestions for tapping on your own between sessions to boost your progress.

Information/EFT in Action

Here’s an informative video by Gary Craig, the creator of EFT: EFT Intro

EFT is gaining popularity and is now even recognized by the US Veterans’ Administration. The Veterans Stress Project is using it to help Vets deal with PTSD. You can check it out here: Veterans’ Stress Project

When I practiced as a Counselor I was certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). That technique is designed for resolving trauma by pairing thoughts about traumatic events with a shift between hemispheres of the brain to “reprocess” the information. EFT is very similar, it just uses the ancient understanding of the energy system (and actually can incorporate a brief added technique which also creates a shift between brain hemispheres). It also can be used for any chosen issue, not just trauma. I love EFT because it is so simple and accessible, yet powerful. With it I’ve helped others, as well as myself, resolve long-standing issues. I am a Level 2 Certified EFT Practitioner.

The human system wants to be healthy and happy, and everyone has the innate ability to self-heal and to resolve troubling issues. There are many roads leading to healing; EFT is simple, non-invasive and fast-working even if it seems a bit mystical.


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