Heartmath Affiliate

Heartmath Affiliate

“Sometimes the heart knows things that the mind could never explain.” – Kanjeet

Heartmath: Creating Heart Coherence

Speak from your heart. Go with your heart. What is your heart telling you? Be true to your heart. Listen to your heart.

We use many sayings related to the heart, and indigenous healers have always looked to the heart for answers. In our current culture, however, we tend to honor our minds, our brains, much more than our hearts. Sometimes we even consider leading with the heart to be a sign of weakness or silliness, and for men, being too feminine. The developers of HeartMath, however, discovered over a decade ago that our hearts actually speak to our brains more than our brains to our hearts. Our hearts are truly in control.

A heart has what they refer to as a ‘mini brain.’ It has some of the same cells as the brain; it has memory and healing ability. It’s a powerhouse! When we’re stressed or distracted or thinking a lot, and caught up in depleting or unhelpful emotions, we shift into fight or flight mode and our hearts, and our bodies, fall out of coherence. Various systems operate at far less than full potential…the heart and circulatory system included.

heart rate variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has to do with the time and intensity between beats. Surprisingly, a healthy heart actually has quite a lot of difference beat to beat, rather than being completely regular. This variability leads to more resilience. When we’re out of coherence, and the HRV is out of synch…we’re not as flexible and adaptable, which leaves us prone to more stress and illness. Optimum HRV is an indicator of a balanced nervous system, so it is associated with health and resilience.

Self-regulation is key. Over reactivity to situations, or experiencing negative, depleting emotions, like anger, frustration, sadness, overwhelm, lead to stress reactions and incoherent heart and nervous system function. Positive emotions and optimum HRV lead to balance…physical and emotional.

Here’s a synopsis of the ideas behind HeartMath, heart coherence and self-regulation.

So, how do we increase our coherence and optimize our HRV, and develop better self-regulation? One way is through the use of simple heart-focused techniques, such as those created by the Institute of HeartMath. In as little as 3 minutes a day you can create positive change in your health and your life. These techniques help you to calm your nervous system, improve HRV and increase self-regulation of emotions. This requires consistent practice in order to achieve ongoing and increasing benefits, but even one minute of a heart coherence exercise can shift your day toward a positive direction.

The techniques are simple, easy to do breathing and focusing exercises. An optimal practice would be 1-5 minutes, two or three times per day, and 10-20 minutes two or three times per week. This would create an amazing shift in well-being in a very short amount of time. Your emotions will shift, your HRV will improve and your ability to handle the stressors in your daily life will increase dramatically. It’s really such a simple way to feel better!

Benefits of increased coherence include less stress, anxiety and overwhelm, improved health and longevity, improved brain function and performance, increase in feelings of peace and joy, and even improved communication at work and in your personal relationships.

If you work with a practitioner like myself, you can connect to special software that allows you to see your HRV and level of coherence visually and watch it change as you practice the techniques. You may be amazed at how quickly your coherence can improve…in just a few minutes. Once you learn the techniques, you can easily practice on your own, with or without technology.  Eventually you’ll shift your baseline functioning and coherence and maintain a higher degree of resilience and joy. I’d be happy to share more if you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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