Aging Gracefully With Human Growth Hormone

Aging Gracefully With Human Growth Hormone

“Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were today, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.”
– Unknown

Aging Gracefully With Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone…don’t we already have that? If I live a healthy lifestyle why do I need it? Please read on…

Ok, we know that we can change our chemistry by changing our beliefs, brain wave patterns and lifestyle (see my Wellness Coaching page section on Neuroplasticity, if you’re not familiar with this idea). We can slow the aging process and decrease the likelihood of disease and feel healthier and happier. These practices can take some time, and certainly some effort, though offer great rewards. And these days, there are more stressors and demands on our time than ever, which adds to the challenge.

I’ve often recommended that clients consider various supplements for extra help with pain management, sleep, decreasing inflammation and increasing energy. I only recommend natural products with little likelihood of side effects or contra-indications or drug interactions, things like turmeric or hyaluronic acid, a cortisol manager, etc. I do believe in helping the body to function optimally in the face of so many stressors.

Never before have I recommended one particular brand of supplement, nor have I known of one product that could address all of these areas at once, until I learned about a homeopathic transdermal gel with Human Growth Hormone plus Thyroid and Adrenal Complexes, as well as high quality botanicals. And never before have I believed in one product enough to promote it directly.

Human Growth Hormone

So…Human Growth Hormone? I want you to mess with your hormones? NO! Quite the opposite. Bear with me. First, an explanation of homeopathy: Unlike traditional supplements and prescription drugs, which provide you with a load of a substance that requires your body to accept and synthesize, homeopathy follows the principles of “less is more.” A bit like vaccinations, a homeopathic remedy introduces a very tiny amount of the offending…or DESIRED, substance—a micro dose. Because it’s such a small amount, it encourages the body to produce its OWN hormones that are lacking. So, unlike bio identicals or injectable HGH, which lead your body to STOP producing the chemical (it realizes that it doesn’t need to make any, since you’re dumping it into the system in high doses), a homeopathic tells the body to produce more of its natural compounds. And because it’s a micro dose, and your body increases its production according to its particular needs, any side effects which might occur with hormone therapy or HGH injections aren’t a factor.

So, what’s HGH? Human Growth Hormone is a substance created by the Pituitary gland…the body’s Master Gland, which leads to growth in babies and children and maxes out around age 20-25. From that point on, it decreases steadily and the result is…aging, and sometimes illness. Because the Pituitary affects all hormones in the body, including HGH, all systems are affected as we age. So, as HGH and other hormones decrease production, we may experience issues such as poor sleep, lower energy levels and stamina, hair loss, weight gain (especially around the middle), decreased libido, looser and thinner skin and wrinkles, brain fog and lack focus, memory issues…the list goes on. Some researchers and doctors now consider aging to be a type of “disease,” since it results in low levels of hormones necessary for optimal functioning.

People have been taking HGH, mostly in the form of twice daily injections, for decades…at a huge cost ($1500-3000 per month). Celebrities and athletes have been among the most frequent users. Sometimes there are associated side-effects, though they’re usually temporary and apparently deemed tolerable considering the benefits, mainly maintaining strength and youthful appearance.

HGH, Human Growth Hormone, gel, Somaderm,Then, along comes a transdermal gel, which enters the blood stream quickly and leaves the body within 4-6 hours (so it’s applied twice daily). Not only is it FDA registered and has the strongest HGH dose available without a prescription, it also has Thyroid and Adrenal support, also homeopathic, and several amazing botanicals. These ingredients work synergistically to urge the Pituitary to help the body produce what has been lacking, at an increasing rate, since you were about 25. And because the Pituitary is in charge, it affects your body in the way it’s most needed. Everyone’s experience is unique, though there are generally expected benefits. And, it’s great to know that there are many, many DOs, DCs, NDs, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, even MDs, Endocrinologists and longevity doctors who are recommending this product to their patients.

My Experience First

Because I never recommend anything to my clients, friends or family that I haven’t researched and tried myself, I began using the gel before telling anyone about it. Because it works differently for each person, according to their needs, it can take some time to notice the benefits. It’s not like taking a prescription for pain or immediate relief. The body needs time to start production and achieve balance for many things. I was fortunate, in that I experienced my first benefit at the end of the first week; not everyone does.

The first thing I noticed, which is a common first benefit, was a change in sleep. It’s easy to just say my sleep improved, but this was a much more significant result than that. For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to get up in the mornings, regardless of how many hours I slept and what time I went to bed. I was always exhausted in the morning. After taking the gel for several days, I suddenly began waking without my alarm, ready to get up. This was a major game changer. I went from dreading mornings…actually feeling panicked if I had to attend an 8 am meeting or meet someone at a trailhead by 9, to having more time in the mornings and having no issue planning things at the start of the day.

From that point on I began to experience other benefits:

  • decreased inflammation pain and increased function in long-troubled shoulders
  • thicker and darker eyelashes and less loss of hair in the shower
  • improved night vision and skin elasticity
  • improved brain function/clarity and balance
  • improved memory

Some of the experiences of those I’ve shared it with and others I know include:

  • decrease in anxiety
  • increased energy
  • discontinuing the use of sleep aides and end to debilitating insomnia
  • major hair regrowth
  • discontinuing the need for hormone replacement therapy
  • muscle mass gain
  • reversal of significant, rapidly worsening memory issues
  • deep sleep with vivid dreams and cessation of snoring and apnea
  • rapid healing of long-standing post-eye surgery infection
  • drastic reduction of rosacea and psoriasis
  • improved vein integrity/look

I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. At this point I feel remiss if I don’t share it with people. There’s now a simple, affordable opportunity to help ourselves maintain good health, comfort and wellness, with the added benefit of looking and feeling younger again!

Here’s a 17 minute video by a doctor who discusses how and why this product works and answers many questions you may have:


Understanding Somaderm


Please feel free to contact me for more information. If I don’t have an answer to your questions, I will connect you with someone who does, such as my RN friend who introduced me to this amazing product. While I would prefer to talk with you before you order, to make sure this product is right for you, you’re clear about expectations and you choose the best ordering option, if you’re eager to start and just want to order you can go to my products page. We recommend planning to use it for at least 3 months in order to see the real benefits, as it’s a gradual healing and building process, not like taking a pain reliever.

Note: I am an Independent Distributor of Somaderm transdermal Gel, by NewULife. The testimonials provided are my own and my friends’ and clients’; everyone’s experiences differ. This product contains homeopathic human growth hormone, thyroid and adrenal support and botanicals.