Holistic Coach/HSP Coach

Holistic Coach/HSP Coach

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
― George Bernard Shaw

Holistic, HSP Coach

What’s a holistic coach?

Holistic refers to looking at the whole, the big picture. I believe that we are all energy and connected, that our intentions and beliefs are key components of our current state, and that wellness cannot be achieved or maintained by looking at only one isolated issue, illness or goal. Body, mind and spirit all come together to create our health and happiness.

Thus, I help people by looking at things from different angles. I could be considered a stress management coach, an anxiety reduction coach, a self-love coach, or maybe just a happiness coach. These are my overriding goals for my clients. I also focus on the energy system…removing blockages that keep the body and mind from operating at their full potential. If you’re blocked and run down it won’t matter what your intentions are, you won’t be able to maintain focus on them to shift them into reality.

Why an HSP coach?

I specialize in working with Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP). As an HSP myself, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the environment and social conditions, to experience intense emotions, to feel like no one understands you and be aware that others think you are weird, unreasonable or a bit crazy. My understanding and personal experience are assets during coaching sessions as we explore just what the trait is and what it means to live in a world in which 80% of the people don’t get us.

It’s possible to not only survive, but thrive as an HSP and I’ll help you develop coping strategies to calm your nervous system so life is less overwhelming, to learn how to explain your trait to others and strengthen relationships, and to develop a deep sense of self-acceptance, self-validation, self-compassion, and self-love. You’ll shift your sensitivities into strengths and recognize that it’s really your Super Power!

Even if you already have a good understanding of the Highly Sensitive trait and even have some tools in your toolbox for coping with overwhelm, I can understand and see your issues and goals from a perspective different than a non-HSP coach. I get it.

Are we a good fit?

My services can help you if…

~ Your emotions are often hard to handle, you get overwhelmed easily/often, people don’t ‘get’ you, you want to crawl under a blanket to keep the world at bay

~ You are so stressed that you rarely find yourself smiling anymore, or are always exhausted and can’t muster enough energy to do the things you like or have to do

~ You lack motivation or passion and feel like you’re drifting

~ You’re not sleeping well, not eating well, and feel anxious a lot of the time

~ You’re just not feeling joyful …something’s missing

~ You have chronic pain (headaches, neck or back pain, joint pain, extreme tension) or conditions (digestion, fibromyalgia, stomach pain) that nothing seems to help

~ You feel unworthy or unlovable

The work

Using a holistic approach, sessions may include a combination of mindfulness and stress management techniques which can be used at home, identification of and shifting limiting self-talk and unconscious thought patterns, positive lifestyle changes and reinforcement of what’s working. I really value the use of Tapping (EFT) which I may use in sessions and can teach you to use on your own, or sessions can be solely Tapping based. I’ll also discuss the principles of neuroplasticity (see below) and how “Mind Over Matter” is much more than just positive thinking.

Because we’re focusing on the present and making change going forward, you will receive suggestions of things to be working on between sessions in order maximize your growth. Just talking for an hour and hoping things will change is not an effective strategy. If you’re not ready to commit to the work on your own, now’s not the right time for you to begin your journey.

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It’s scientifically accepted now that not only are our bodies energy-based, but we can effect control over their functioning and how they interact with the universe, simply through our intention and behavior. The term that explains this is Neuroplasticity. Our chemistry is changeable. We may not be able to change our actual, physical genes…our height, eye color, what’s genetically “inherited,” but we can change how our genes are expressed. And we can actually create new neural pathways and change how existing ones are connected with each other.

Stress (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) creates pressure on our systems and leads to more rapid aging and breakdown of our cells…leading to unhappiness, illness, dis-ease and aging. The unconscious cycles of self-talk we maintain (“I have this illness,” “I’m weak,” “I can’t handle things,” “I’m not worthy,”) cement those beliefs into patterns that our bodies, and the universe, follow. We also follow the lead of our thoughts about not having enough, being in lack. Where our intention goes, energy flows, and that’s how we perpetuate what’s not working.

The good news is that the opposite is possible. We can reframe those beliefs, change our lifestyles and ultimately, our cells. We can change the very way our DNA is realized, regardless of inherited predispositions. By convincing our minds that things are good, our bodies will eventually respond in kind. How does this happen? Things like positive thinking, meditation, mindfulness and breath work—intention, help to create a shift in brain wave patterns and affect our cells. It really is, “Mind Over Matter.” We can also learn to increase our heart-brain coherence…to calm our nervous systems, with simple techniques, such as HeartMath.

So, by addressing and changing our thoughts and behaviors, developing mindfulness practices and learning other techniques, we can truly become the creators of the lives we want to live.

Your Journey

While coaching focuses on the present and creating shifts and plans for going forward, thus tending to be more short term than counseling, the ability to create lasting change requires some commitment and time. A session or two can provide some food for thought and a few tools, but without that commitment to putting things into practice and taking the time to do so, it’s easy for that change to wane. As with all things, you get out what you put in.

Therefore, in order to support your significant, lasting change I offer two programs depending upon your goals:

Basic ~ 6 sessions, scheduled weekly or as often as your schedule allows. This allows for establishing goals, learning more about the Highly Sensitive trait, developing some tools for calming the nervous system and reducing overwhelm, and learning how to share the trait with others and strengthen relationships. You’ll begin the process of identifying what’s blocking you from achieving your goals. Throughout these sessions you’ll start recognizing and shifting patterns and develop a healthy new way of living your life.

Growth ~ 10 sessions, weekly if possible initially, then continue weekly or spread out to bimonthly or monthly. Once you’ve developed tools and a healthier way of approaching life, you’ll go deeper into your patterns and focus on creating self-acceptance and self-love and learn how to live from your authentic self.

Here’s to your journey, your newest adventure to your new Self!


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