Life/Wellness Coaching

Life/Wellness Coaching

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
― George Bernard Shaw

Life/Wellness Coaching

My take

I could be considered a stress management coach, an anxiety reduction coach, a self-love coach, or maybe just a happiness coach. These are my overriding goals for my clients.

There are myriad approaches to Life and Wellness Coaching. My focus is balance. Whether that’s work-life balance or balancing the nervous system, or identifying and shifting thoughts and beliefs that create imbalance in various facets of life, I love helping people reactivate that inherent state of equilibrium.  All of my sessions are client-focused in the direction that’s best suited for you at that moment. And energy healing can be incorporated.

Because I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, I tend to notice things that some might not. This helps me in coaching sessions, whether or not the client is also an HSP. For those who are Highly Sensitive, know that I do understand and have familiarity and my own experiences to draw from.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is about challenging the status quo in your life, determining what needs to change and implementing those changes. It doesn’t focus on the past or what doesn’t work, but the present and future and what does. It’s not about complaining or blaming, but increasing awareness, taking ownership and acting upon new realizations. A good Life Coach doesn’t have all the answers, but helps you to find your own and use them to go to the next level. If you have a sense that you can experience so much more joy in your life, but don’t know how to make it happen, Coaching may be for you. It can help you overcome unhealthy habits, decrease anxiety, make positive changes, increase creativity, reestablish balance.

Are you so stressed that you rarely find yourself smiling anymore, or are always exhausted and can’t fit everything in? Perhaps you have a very difficult time letting go and relaxing and find yourself in a constant state of tension; maybe this leads to chronic headaches or neck or back pain or other physical issues. Do you have a sense that you could be much healthier but don’t know how to begin to shift your lifestyle? Do you lack inspiration or wish creativity played more of a part in your life?

All of these areas can be a focus of Life/Wellness Coaching. Sessions with me often include a combination of mindfulness and stress management techniques which can be used at home, discussion of and shifting limiting self-talk and unconscious thought patterns, positive lifestyle changes and reinforcement of what’s working. I really value the use of Tapping (EFT) which I may use in session and teach clients to use on their own, or sessions can be solely Tapping based. And developing a lifestyle of gratitude and joy can help you to overcome even the seemingly most challenging situations.

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It’s scientifically accepted now that not only are our bodies energy-based, but we can effect control over their functioning and how they interact with the universe, simply through our intention and behavior. The term that explains this is Neuroplasticity. Our chemistry is changeable. We may not be able to change our actual, physical genes…our height, eye color, what’s genetically “inherited,” but we can change how our genes are expressed. And we can actually create new neural pathways and change how existing ones are connected with each other.

Stress (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) creates pressure on our systems and leads to more rapid aging and breakdown of our cells…leading to unhappiness, illness, dis-ease and aging. The unconscious cycles of self-talk we maintain (“I have this illness,” “I’m weak,” “I can’t handle things,” “I’m not worthy,”) cement those beliefs into patterns that our bodies, and the universe, follow. We also follow the lead of our thoughts about not having enough, being in lack. Where our intention goes, energy flows, and that’s how we perpetuate what’s not working.

The good news is that the opposite is possible. We can reframe those beliefs, change our lifestyles and ultimately, our cells. We can change the very way our DNA is realized, regardless of inherited predispositions. By convincing our minds that things are good, our bodies will eventually respond in kind. How does this happen? Things like positive thinking, meditation, mindfulness and breath work—intention, help to create a shift in brain wave patterns and affect our cells. It really is, “Mind Over Matter.” We can also learn to increase our heart-brain coherence…to calm our nervous systems, with simple techniques, such as HeartMath.

So, by addressing and changing our thoughts and behaviors, developing mindfulness practices and learning other techniques, we can truly become the creators of the lives we want to live. Coaching can help you along this path.


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