Online Coaching Sunriver

Online Coaching Sunriver

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Online Coaching

Sunriver and Central Oregon


What if you could find a way to connect with someone supportive without dealing with travel time, bad weather or unexpected events occurring on your way to the office? What if you could enjoy that meeting without having to deal with the possibility of running into someone you know coming to or from the office and having to explain why you’re there? And what if you don’t feel good that day or just don’t feel like you have the energy to leave the house, but really want the opportunity to talk?

It’s all possible!

Online coaching is becoming increasingly popular these days. Let’s see why…



Being able to meet with your coach from the comfort of your home or office, or even while traveling, definitely has its perks. Some find it helpful to be in their personal space…they feel comfortable and relaxed and more able to engage. Obviously, this requires being able to ensure that you’re free of disruption and distraction, but if this is possible, sessions in your own place can be very relaxed and reassuring.

Meeting virtually also eliminates travel time, gas use and the need to travel at all (or even get out of your jammies 😉 ). It’s generally easier to be on time for a meeting if you don’t have to go to someone’s office, even if it’s nearby, and settling into a session when you haven’t been rushing to get there is always helpful. Even though I have an office in Sunriver and you wouldn’t have to travel far, you may still like the idea of online sessions so you don’t have to go anywhere at all. And you may certainly choose to have some sessions in person and some online.



So, these points might seem great, but you may be wondering if online sessions can be as good as in person…if they really work. The answer is a whole-hearted Yes! There have been studies done to answer this very question. You can read one here:

“Telehealth” and “online” counseling/coaching has been occurring pretty much since the internet began, but recently its use has increased dramatically. While virtual coaching can occur through phone conversations or even email, I prefer the video chat format. This allows for eye contact and reading body language, which I find particularly important in establishing a good coach-client relationship and building trust and comfort. It doesn’t have quite the same feel as in-person sessions, but for some that can be a benefit…it’s just a bit less intensive for those who might find in-person sessions themselves anxiety-provoking. And most of the time people forget that they’re on screen and not really face to face.


Safety and Confidentiality

Because you’re in your own home, office, hotel room, etc., you are in control of your privacy. There’s no concern that someone outside of an office door can hear your inner most thoughts, no matter how loudly you might talk. I use Zoom, now that they’ve upgraded their security profile, and no one can enter a session without me admitting them, so your session is completely private.

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