“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”
– Denis Waitley

Healthy Products

HGH+ gel

Homeopathic, transdermal gel with Human Growth Hormone, Thyroid and Adrenal support plus full leaf botanicals. May help with sleep, energy, skin and hair health, libido and performance, change of life symptoms, weight loss/muscle mass gain, immune function, healing and joint health, eyesight and more. Minimum 3 month usage recommended, as this product helps your body to begin making what it’s missing, so it’s a gradual, systemic process.


Healthy Weight Loss/ Muscle Mass Gain


If you’re looking for extra help with weight management and/or a shift in body composition beyond the gel, or for a stand-alone product, here a are a couple of premium keto products. There’s a lot of information out there now about Keto-based diets. These products help you to reach a state of ketosis without having to follow a strict Keto diet, and boast 4 BHB salts vs. the standard 3, plus other healthy ingredients.

Keto Day/Night

It’s always helpful to reduce sugar and simple carbohydrates, but you may find it very challenging to follow such a restrictive diet, or it may just not be the most healthy option for you. These products still allow you to achieve maximum fat-burning without being strictly Keto. And they were developed by the same health-conscious creator of Somaderm gel.


Our bodies need balanced support, especially when under stress and exposed to pollution and environmental threats. This product has been helping to support immune system function for over a decade in a small retail store, but is now available to everyone. With vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals and probiotics it can help fortify your system and turn your body into a Fortress! Click here for more information: Fortress.


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