Your Journey…Choosing Your Path

Your Journey…Choosing Your Path

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin” – Tony Robbins

Your Journey


You’re here because you’re ready for a change. You know there’s more to life, that you CAN have a fulfilling, joyful life, but you’re stuck and aren’t sure how to get there. You’re committed, now you just need to decide on a direction…



You’re worth every penny you invest on self-awareness and self-growth…you just may not have believed it until now. That’s where I come in…to help you recognize the beauty and value of your Sensitive Self. But, it does take commitment…time dedicated to this journey. It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen with one coaching session now and then. It’s easy for us to get derailed from our course by so many other things, especially taking care of others and putting them first.

That’s why I don’t offer individual coaching sessions. I don’t want you to waste your time, or your money, and I truly want to help. My win is to see you transform into a self-loving HSP, not to just teach a few tools and hope it will make some kind of difference. A session or two…nice, but not enough. I want to help you really make lasting change and fulfill your goals. And as a coach I need for you to be committed to the process, to do the work. We’ll be working together, but I can’t (and won’t) do it for you. In fact, you’ll be doing some homework to keep things moving along when we’re not meeting.

I also find that hour-long sessions are not conducive to growth; often just as things are shifting it’s time to start wrapping up. Thus, my coaching program includes weekly, then biweekly, 2 hour sessions to maximize growth. This also gives us time to include energy healing work, if that resonates, developing stress management tools, tapping and other techniques and still be able to talk about what’s going on. If you want to continue with maintenance bimonthly or monthly, you’ll have an option to continue session by session, with coaching or any other modality.

Because this program is tailored for you, you’ll also receive custom audios and videos of things like meditation, guided imagery, tapping, etc., and you’ll have access to me between sessions by phone, text and email.



If you’re ready to remove some blockages from your emotional and energy systems, to shift your mindset and get rid of old, unconscious beliefs, tapping could be just the thing. If you’ve tried and had some success with tapping but feel like you’ve hit a plateau or know there’s still some deeper stuff to address, working with a guide could help you go deeper and get to the core. Because we want to get to the root and make your progress permanent, I don’t offer single tapping sessions. The first session requires a bit more time to really identify the issues and make a plan before getting started, so it will be scheduled for 90 minutes. You’ll then have 3 sixty minute sessions for progress and fine tuning. After your package is complete you’re welcome to schedule further sessions individually.

Stress Reduction

Whether or not you’re HSP, life can become overwhelming and frustrating. Create a toolbox full of techniques for calming your nervous system and coping with life’s busy-ness and demands. A series of 4 sessions helps you to create a healthy, calmer lifestyle.


Energy Work

As with coaching and EFT/Tapping, energy work sessions are most impactful when you experience several in a row, but individual sessions are available. You may opt for purchasing 4 sessions for a discount.


Getting Started

If you’re ready to commit to making a change, you can schedule a (free) discovery video call to see if we’re a good fit. I’d love to talk with you to see if we can work together on this new phase of your journey.


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